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We have all the tips you need on how to handle locks and keys. Read them here!

Learn how to avoid lockouts

Leave your house keys in the hands of a family member or a close friend. If you have a trustworthy neighbor, it will be even easier. Make a key replacement and keep the duplicate with you but not together with the original key. Also put a duplicate in the car glove compartment.

Place safes in safe places

Safes keep valuables and although their combination might be hard, they can be carried away by perpetrators with the intention of breaking into them later. It's preferable to build them in the wall and definitely out of sight so that they won't be found easily.

Forgotten safe combination

If you don’t remember your safe combination, our company can help you reset and change it. One of the many services we offer is safe opening as well as safe cleaning and repairing. We can help you set and change the combination of any safe currently in the market.

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